Roller shutter maintenance

In difficult economic times, firms are constantly looking for ways to save money. Things like maintenance are often the first things to be cut back on. At first, many firms find that they save money this way. However, in the long term, this approach can often cost more money that it saves.

Why roller shutters need regular maintenance

Roller shutters are used on a daily basis, so suffer a lot of wear and tear. If they are properly maintained, they will work reliably for years. However, when left unmaintained, they will soon seize up and become difficult to operate safely. Eventually, they will fail completely and roller shutter repairs can be quite expensive. There is also a risk that a business will lose a day or more of trade. If customers cannot enter a shop or other business premises, they will not be able to buy anything.

Safety issues

Maintaining and servicing roller shutters is also obligatory under the Health and Safety Act of 1974 for industrial and commercial shutters and doors. Failure to do so can result in a heavy fine. Furthermore, should a serious accident occur, there is also a risk of prosecution by both the health and safety executive and the injured party.

Therefore, avoiding roller shutter maintenance is not really a viable option. It is very much a false economy. However, the cost of maintaining shutters can be kept under control by shopping around for the best deal and signing up for a long-term contract.