Roller shutter door repairs

The way in which roller shutter repairs and maintenance are carried out is very important. Shoddy repairs and poor maintenance can lead to serious accidents. Shutters that suddenly fall, for example, can cause severe injuries.

Shutters that do not go up properly can be just as dangerous. Lorry drivers are often injured by the shutters on their vehicles. This can happen when the driver tries to raise a stiff shutter on the back of their lorry. When a stiff shutter finally gives and shoots up, it is easy to lose a finger. Unsurprisingly, not having shutters properly maintained or repaired can be considered an infringement of health and safety regulations.

Finding a good repair service

Getting roller blinds maintained and repaired by a reliable, qualified firm is very important. Finding a firm who will carry out repairs to a high standard using genuine parts makes sense. It may cost a little more, but will certainly work out cheaper in the long-run; good quality repairs are likely to last whereas poor quality repairs will fail very quickly. The more a shutter is used, the more important good quality repairs are.

Repair firms who follow the BS7036 standards for powered doors and the British Standards Institutions EN12445:2001 regulations for all shutter repairs should be used to ensure quality and safety needs are met.

It is also important to check that any worker working at height is qualified to do so. This applies even to a third party, such as a shutter repairer.