The use of video conferencing spreads

Firms are increasingly waking up to the benefits of video conferencing. They are realising that communicating in this way can save both time and money. In the past, holding a video conference would have been an option that only huge corporations could have considered. Larger companies were the only ones who could’ve afforded to invest in the necessary equipment for such methods.

How communicating via video evolved

Surprisingly, home PC users were the ones who started to change how video conferencing was used. They started to use their home computers to speak to friends and family using systems like MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. The technology for adding a video stream existed, but the cameras were expensive. However, some camera manufacturers realised there was a huge market, so they could afford to sell each unit for less and still make a profit. The webcam was born, and with it came the ability to benefit from video conferencing without the huge set up cost.

Business systems

This kind of basic video chat was perfect for casual chats between colleagues but not so good for demonstrating a new product to a room full of clients. As a result, firms who want to do this still need to install high end audio visual solutions. In the past, this may have been a financial stumbling block. However, now that communicating via video is more commonplace, demand for these systems has increased to such a point that more affordable options are becoming increasingly available.