How we use audio visual solutions in daily life

Audio visual (AV) systems are becoming increasingly important. The majority of people use an audio visual system at some point of their day. Anyone who watches TV, listens to music or uses a computer is using AV equipment. Even outside of the home, audio visual systems enrich people’s lives in various ways.

In the workplace

AV equipment is widely used in a wide range of workplaces. As well as daily use of personal computers, staff often use video conferencing to help them to communicate. Meetings and presentations also tend to involve the use of AV equipment.

In education

Schools are increasingly relying on AV equipment to teach. Visualisers can be a great tool to engage students. These machines project anything that is placed under them onto a screen, so the whole class can see what is going on. It even allows the teacher to show the class how to physically do something like use a certain tool, which for a craft teacher is a real advantage.

For entertainment

Anyone who goes to the theatre, attends a concert or goes to any other entertainment event will usually benefit from the use of audio visual installations. Lighting is used in all of these situations, as is a high-end sound system. Video walls are increasingly being used to provide a rich visual backdrop.

AV systems are something most people give very little thought to. However, without them our everyday life would be very different.