Football injuries and sports first aid

The most common football sporting injuries are to the knee, followed by the ankle and then the leg, and the three knee muscles most often torn or injured are the cruciate, the collateral and the meniscus ligaments. The meniscus, which is shaped like a crescent moon, is often torn by twisting or turning abruptly. Having a specially qualified sports physiotherapist on the field during a game with the best sports first aid equipment can reduce healing time, which is essential for top players.

Cryotherapy and sports supports for knee injuries

Research by Dr. Romain Meeusen argues that cryotherapy (the application of ice to an injury) should only be performed for ten minutes after an injury has occurred, as his research indicates that more time than that is counterproductive. However, once an injury has occurred, sports supports are essential to aid healing. In the case of repair to the meniscus, training on special football training equipment can start about ten days after an operation. The equipment is used to strengthen the muscles around the knee, thus giving the knee a chance to recover.

Mueller supports for sports injuries

There are many brands of sports supports on the market but Mueller is one of the best, providing the largest range of sports supports from knee braces, knee pads, stabilizers and knee sleeves. Most sporting injuries occur during periods of training and not at actual games, and young players often suffer more injuries than more seasoned footballers, making sports first aid a must on the training field.