The Importance of Pet Welfare

Owning a pet can be an exciting and enjoyable experience for people who can provide an animal, reptile or bird with the perfect environment in which to live happily. Owners should ensure that they are financially capable of taking care of the safety and wellbeing of a pet, in addition to having adequate space in their household, either internally or externally, to provide suitable living conditions. A pet can be an ideal addition to the lives of any person or family as a loveable companion that people can nurture, look after and enjoy many happy memories with.

As animals, reptiles and birds are taken away from their natural habitat and their mother, owners take on the responsibility of looking after their pet on a daily basis. It is therefore of paramount importance to provide appropriate welfare for pets who depend on their owners to provide sustenance and adequate living conditions in order to fulfil their maximum lifespan expectancy.

Like human beings, animals require a certain level of nutritional intake via food and drink in order to maintain energy levels and remain in good health. Cats and dogs are archetypal examples of pets which need the correct environment and provisions to retain their energetic and agile characteristics. Pets that are not provided with the correct level of food or the wrong products can not only lead to potential digestion problems, but also be considered as a form of negligence from owners who have a pet in a poor condition and health.

Every pet, whether it is a cat, dog or any other species, deserves the level of welfare it requires in order to live a happy life and fulfils its life expectancy. This should consist of a regular healthy diet of food, in addition to adequate living conditions that allow a pet to carry out its naturalistic movements and actions, but more importantly, enjoy a happy life and special bond with their owner.