Why are Plain Wedding Rings So Popular?

It would be very easy to argue that the world is becoming a more decedent, materialist place. This is reflected by all sorts of things, celebrity culture or the abundance of technology we can buy. However, Sometimes it’s good to take a step from this attitude of the more, the better and ask yourself: what’s really important?

Sometimes the simplest things can say the most. They are a blank page on which you and others can project whatever they feel. In a sense then, the simplest things can say an infinitude of things, whereas something showy might only say one thing – “look at me.”

What’s all this got to do with wedding rings? It’s a good question, and whilst there’s a lot to be said for diamond rings that have star power; some couples, lots in fact, want something simpler, something symbolic of  an eternal bond, nothing more and nothing less.

Just because a ring might be plain it doesn’t mean that it can’t be aesthetic and beautiful. For instance, you might opt for a plain ring with subtle styling, you might choose a D shaped wedding band or a wedding band with a beaded edge.

Because the rings are simply styled the quality of the metal comes to the fore. Plain rings are available in platinum, white or yellow gold, and they are the perfect vehicle for letting the quality of precious metal truly shine.