Why Gutter Maintenance and Repair is Important

Gutter maintenance is an important aspect of keeping a home. Not only do you need to ensure that your gutters are in good condition, but you should regularly clean and check your gutters, in case new problems have developed. Without functional rainwater guttering your home will become vulnerable to a wide range of problems.

How Does Guttering Work?

When rainwater hits a roof it drains off into the guttering system and then down a downpipe into the drain. When the gutter becomes damaged or blocked the path of rainwater can be disrupted and this can cause various problems. 

Problems that Can Develop

Without fully working gutters in place all sorts of problems can occur usually related to water ingress. For example, any wooden fascia boards can become rotten and damaged, which can cause your home’s facade to look unsightly.

Water can also penetrate underneath the roof, which can cause profound damage if left untreated over a long period of time.

Because water that is not directed down the drain is left to fall of the roof and onto the surface below it can begin to threaten the foundation of your home and possibly begin to seep into your basement.

Guttering that is still in place but damaged can also cause many problems. For instance it may become dislodged during heavy weather thereby causing a significant safety hazard. To stop this from happening check gutters regularly and replace gutters if you deem it necessary (or seek professional advice of course.)