3 Tips for Relocating Abroad

There are all sorts of reasons why people relocate to foreign climes: work opportunities, retirement a simple change of scenery. Whilst in lots of ways we live in a smaller global community, relocating abroad is still a challenge, requiring much thought and logistical impetus. Here are three helpful tips for making a move abroad as stress free as possible: 

Whilst the fact that much of Europe has a uniform currency, i.e. the Euro, makes financial barriers across nations a little less daunting there are still many idiosyncrasies in the financial and legal systems even in countries that are ostensibly similar. The tax or welfare systems, property markets etc are likely to be markedly different to those in the UK. With this in mind you need to do some research prior to moving, seeking professional advice if possible.

Just as the financial or legal systems tend to differ from country to country so too does healthcare provision, perhaps even more so. Whilst many countries have national healthcare this will vary in nuance depending on the country involved, for instance, in Germany you must basically buy into the system. A solution is to think about  expatriate medical insurance, which can help take the uncertainty out of international healthcare.

So, there are many practical barriers in place when you’re moving abroad; however, there are an equal number of cultural barriers too. Obviously there will probably be a lingual barrier, and so it’s definitely a good idea to make efforts to understand a culture, learn a language before you commit to the big move.