How Demographics Should Impact Your E-mail Marketing Campaign

It’s not enough that you have an email marketing campaign and this campaign should be sophisticated. Ideally it should be optimised to target demographics. Demographics are essentially the attributes of your customers, e.g. your target demographics might be young men aged 25-30. 

It’s obvious why targeting your key demographics should be one of the aims of your strategy, and so it is a little surprising how much e-mail correspondence fails to target. Here are some simple email marketing solutions to the problem of demographic targeting:

If you are sending your e-mails blind then it is essentially not possible to target demographics, unless you begin to analyse e-mail addresses and what these may or may not say about people. However, there are ways to gather demographic data, for instance you might collect e-mail addresses via an online form, as well as other personal information.

With this data in mind you can do a lot to target your e-mails for certain types of people. One obvious way is to change the content. When targeting multiple demographics you might introduce dynamic content, i.e. content that adapts to the receiver.

The most valuable demographic is the demographic of one. In other words, at the end of the day it’s the individual customer that really matters. With this in mind, the more you can tailor your correspondence to individuals, i.e. via personalisation, the more effective your campaign is likely to be.