Retailers supplement coat rails to create upselling opportunities

Coats are seasonal purchases but, in UK terms, the coat season spans at least half of every year, from the run up to autumn, through winter, and during the post-Christmas sale months. In order to make the absolute most of coat sales, savvy fashion retailers cleverly supplement their store merchandising with additional shop display equipment, giving customers far more to think about than coats alone.

Retailers can use merchandising units to highlight accessories for coats. Customers can be encouraged to personalise their coats and add their own style by adding belts, brooches, gloves, pashminas, scarves and wraps. There is an abundance of upselling opportunities for retailers that choose their shop fittings and fixtures carefully to highlight to customers the fabulous ways in which they can dress up their coats.

Whether coats already have belts, or whether they don’t, the continuing trend for wearing belts with many different coat styles is one that retailers can embrace. Colourful slim belts and broad corset-style leather belts literally transform the look of coats, adding elegant dashes of glamour. Apt fashion retail supplies are affordably available to shop owners and store managers keen to capitalise on belt sales alongside coats

When marketing cropped sleeved coats, shoppers can be advised to wear them with visibly long sleeved garments underneath, or with shorter sleeves that can’t be seen at all. Anything in between could be seen as fashion blunder territory. Retailers can show how it’s done, by accompanying coat displays with ranges of cardigans, jumpers and shirts, attractively presented on shop equipment that enticingly shows off garments to wear with shorter sleeved coats.