Branded point of sale items boost brand awareness

Larger high street retailers have long since mastered the art of cleverly utilising their point of sale items to boost brand awareness and enhance brand image. They invest resources and revenue in to their shop packaging as part of their marketing strategies. When customers have made purchases, and leave with white or coloured plastic carrier bags bearing logos, shops and stores benefit from instantaneous advertising of their brands.

It pays to buy plastic carrier bags with shop branding

Size simply doesn’t make a difference when it comes to creating awareness, which is why every fashion retailer, no matter how large or small, should take this ready-made form of marketing seriously. Simplistically put, the essence of marketing is about letting people know what businesses have to sell. This ethos is not unique to fashion retailing, and remains steadfastly the same across all sectors of business. However, many other sectors do not have the opportunity to hand over purchases in branded plastic boutique bags to their customers. This opportunity is uniquely available to retailers, and it is far too beneficial to miss out on.

Branding works for online fashion retailers, too

Branded shop packaging is increasingly used by online fashion retailers. Their opportunity for heightened brand awareness is not a matter of customers walking down the streets with branded bags, which obviously doesn’t happen. The brands of online fashion retailers are boosted when parcels are in transit, which is why many even go to the trouble of branding their packaging tape besides their cardboard garment boxes.