Why are Multi Fuel Stoves Good For the Environment?

Burning wood and other solid fuel to heat the home is now widely accepted. If you wanted to install multi fuel stoves in your home, with a view to burning wood, then you might not even need planning permission. Woodburners and other kinds of stove are particularly popular outside of the city, in part because of better access to wood supply.

To some, the idea of burning wood and other solid fuel might seem quite bad for the environment. Of course the process of burning wood produces smoke. However, this doesn’t mean it’s bad for the environment, quite the opposite in fact.

Some fuels are renewable whilst others aren’t. Oil, natural gas and coal are all non-renewable, and so once supplies are used up that’s it. As these kinds of fuel get rarer the price is likely to rise exponentially, for obvious reasons. Wood, by contrast, in a renewable resource, and once you use up a tree you can plant another one in its place.

By no means do you need to choose between installing a woodburner or multi fuel stove and traditional means of heating your home, e.g. wall mounted or free standing radiators. Rather, you can have the best of both words. The installation of a stove can off-set your heating bills, helping the environment and saving you money.

You can find all sorts of stoves and advice about stoves online. You might consider multi fuel stoves which don’t need to rely on a wood supply.