Checks Before Sending Dangerous Goods

Protective packaging is there to ensure that a dangerous substance has as little chance as possible of causing a problem when in transit. There are many regulations to follow, particularly when making checks before dispatching – a responsibility which falls on the shipper. There are vital questions to answer before sending anything that is considered to be dangerous to health, safety, property or the environment. Most immediately, the shipper can ask themselves whether there is compatibility between the packaging and the container and whether the closure itself is the right one to use. The closure must also be tightened to the correct torque. Ensuring that the inner and outer packaging and containers are approved for use with each other will further allay any fears that a problem could occur. When in transit temperature and pressure variations can have an effect, so it is always important to ensure the right transportation method is being employed so that the substance is not exposed to variations which could prove costly. Other considerations for weight, groupings and even specific gravity requirements must be ensured with the package requirements.

Vermiculite is an absorbent filling which may be required if there is a leak. This falls under packaging supplies along with all of the correct markings, labellings and documentation. If all of the requirements have been met, it can then be sent. The more thorough the process of checking, the more confident the shipper can be that there will be no problems.