Sports supports for Palletofermoral syndrome

The knee joint is made up of bone, cartilage and ligaments. Knee injury, or Patellofemoral syndrome, is caused by contact between the posterior of the patella and the thigh bone or femur. Recovery time is up to six weeks and athletes are advised to continue gentle exercises during this time. When the knee is twisted, it results in damage to the anterior cruciate ligament.

Female athletes are three times more susceptible to to this type of knee injury than male athletes. Also, it is most prevalent in skiers, footballers and rugby players. The treatment of this injury tends to involve physical therapy and the use of a knee brace. Sports supports are vital to the healing process. Ice can be applied to the area for ten to fifteen minutes. If an injury is severe, it may require surgery or even knee replacement

Sports first aid: tennis elbow

The medical term for tennis elbow is ‘lateal epicondylitis’. Tennis elbow is a painful condition caused by inflammation of the tendons and often happens as a result of over-use.

Ice can be applied to the injury every two hours in the first 48 hour period. Sports supports are vital to recovery; braces and wrist splints are the main types of support used. The good news is that up to 89 per cent of cases can be treated without surgery. Cortisteroid injections are useful if the injury is severe. Tennis elbow straps are also used to speed up healing time and prevent further injury.