Understanding Expat Health Insurance

Properly considering the expat health insurance company can entail understanding some complex details and terminology. A two year moratorium, for instance, can affect those who have an underlying health complaint. This essentially means that a medical condition suffered two years before joining a particular insurance company will not be claimable until two years afterwards. This is because claiming on such illnesses would affect the insurance company’s existing companies. New claims however should not be affected and can be claimed as normal.

Expat insurance sometimes extends to cover partners and children under the same plan. It is however important to realise that a child is one who is under the age of 18 if not in full time education, but if they are then the age rises to 23. If treatment is required for anyone under this plan, then they can choose a particular hospital if it is pre-authorised beforehand. This can underline the importance of getting in touch with the insurance company to arrange this.

The issue of excess is important as well, but it should be applied only for each policy period. Excess will therefore be applied once for somebody claiming for the same condition twice in a year. After a claim, one might be worried about how it affects the renewal, but it shouldn’t be an issue since the prevailing rates will be defaulted to in spite of the history of claims. A no claims discount can however be highly advantageous if the insurance company supports it.