Choosing the Right Breed for You

When looking to buy a cat, it is important to decide what breed you want and what breed would suit your home and family life. Certain breeds aren’t suitable for homes with children, whereas others are better for people with allergies. It is all about finding the right match for you.

For older children, an Abyssinian cat is perfect. Their playful nature and love of the outdoors will have your children outside playing and entertaining them with their antics. Abyssinian cats are extremely loyal but may take time to warm up to new people. Getting this breed as a kitten will maximise the time you will have to build a relationship. For a quieter household, a Birman cat is ideal. They are very docile and will sit for long periods. Birmans love to be cuddled and groomed making them good bed time buddies, keeping you warm on a cold night.

Allergies can stop many people from getting pets, however, certain breeds of cats are more suitable for those with an intolerance to cat hair. Although no cat is completely hypoallergenic there are some which are lower in allergens such as Oriental or Balinese breeds among others.  Grooming regularly will help lower the allergens even further. Female cats tend to have lower allergens than males, although neutered males produce less than non-neutered.

Matching your wants and needs with the personality traits of particular breeds will give you a special relationship which you will both love and enjoy enabling you both to live in a happy environment.

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