How Frequently Should You Wash Your Dog?

Cleaning and grooming pets is a key part of their overall welfare. It not only protects from conditions like fleas but it is also beneficial in other ways: it creates stronger emotional bonds between you and your pet and it allows you the chance to check for any underlying health conditions or symptoms.

When it comes to washing your dog there are lots of questions. One of the biggest is “how often should you wash your dog?” As we know, there are all different kinds of dog so the answer is that it all depends. Some dogs might benefit from being washed fully every week whereas others could last a few months or so without a full wash.

What are the key factors? Different kinds of dog have different kinds of coats. Some breeds of dogs, such as Chihuahuas, have very smooth coats and so only need to be bathed around every 8 weeks. Other dogs have courser hair and so are more likely to become dirty and so they will need to be washed a little more regularly, perhaps every four weeks or so.

Breed is not the only factor here. Your dog might have a particularly active lifestyle, might love to enjoy running outdoors and so will require a wash whenever it gets dirty. Also, if your pet is vulnerable from allergies then it well benefit from being bathed more often.

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