Choosing the Right Pet

Before people go ahead and take on new pets, it’s really important that they think long and hard about what sort of creatures would suit their lifestyles and circumstances best.

After all, dogs and cats can live for 15 years or more and this is considerably longer that many human relationships.

Commenting on the topic, senior veterinary surgeon Sean Wensley said: “We take time to get to know a partner before making a lifetime commitment. With pets we should take time to find out what they will need for a healthy, happy life. Unlike a partner, you can’t just dump a pet if you reach the seven-year itch!

“Every day, vets see the results of unwise pet choices, so we urge people to think carefully to avoid making mistakes which can prove very costly, both emotionally and financially.”

When making their selections, consumers can benefit from considering a range of issues. For example, they need to take into account how much time they can devote to looking after animals. Also, it’s crucial that they consider their budget. As well as shelling out for toys, bedding, food and so on, owners may have to cover medical bills.

Meanwhile, particularly if they are keen on getting a dog, individuals need to think about the exercise requirements.

Another issue that can’t be ignored is environment. Certain pets require particular domestic settings in order to flourish. For example, outdoors cats may need lots of space and freedom to roam around and they might be in considerable danger if they are based too near very busy roads.

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