How To Keep Your Home Clean Of Pests

It can be very painful to see your house infested with pests. Depending on what kind of pests you have, you shall have an overall untidy living atmosphere to even diseases that pests can cause. Some pests even eat into the woodwork of your house and render it unliveable. Therefore, if you even so much as suspect that your house may be infested with pests, make sure you call for pest control St. Albans immediately.

If the pest infestation is not too thorough, you may just be able to get rid of them yourself. Here are a few tips that might work.

1.      Hairspray

Yes, the same stuff you use on your hair is a very potent insect killer. In fact, anything that has aerosol or butane/propane mixture as a guiding fluid for the fragrance is a lethal killer of insects and pests. Remember that these chemicals are highly flammable, and use them accordingly. Also remember that spraying perfume or hairspray directly onto your eyes can hurt and damage them.

2.      Do not use banned substances

You need to consult a good pest control service if you cannot get rid of pests on your own. Some people resort to using banned chemicals to rid themselves of pests, and this can often be very dangerous. Even if you yourself do not get hurt, it would hurt you financially if these chemicals are discovered when, say, you are trying to sell the house.

3.      Caulk around the cracks and holes

Where the insects and pests live. Doing so would help keeping the pests out of their holes which would in turn, make you’re killing more effective. If you have mice, know that they can easily squeeze themselves through tiny openings and disappear. However, if your house also has a massive problem of insects, then maybe a good idea is to keep the mouse as it would prevent other insects from living in the area.

4.      About Gardening

People who love gardening and try to get their compost made right in their houses can sometimes suffer the problem of bugs. Any compost would attract flies and other bugs and hence, these need to be done as far away from the house as possible. Also, while you’re at it, keep the compost away from plants. The same insects that get into your house would most likely also eat your plants up if you let them near them.

5.      Your garage

Treat not only your house but also your garage. The same rodents and pests that get into your house can also get into your garage and use your spare car as a home. Therefore, the best thing to do is to keep them away from the garage by using natural repellents that are available in the market.

These are a few methods that would help keep your home free of pests.