Why Choose A Milbank Precast Concrete Stair?

Getting a Milbank precast concrete stairs is a sound investment and there are a wide range of solutions to choose from. Let’s take a look at the distinct advantages that a precast concrete stair has to offer.

Cost effective: The precast concrete stairs on offer are available in a wide range of sizes and you will surely find one that cans custom fit your house. The pricing of the stairs is just great and you will surely find one that you like at a very competitive price.

Fire resistance: All precast concrete stairs are designed with safety in mind. Whenever fires break out in a building, people cannot exit use the stairs to exit a building due to poor safety precautions on the stairs. These precast stairs are constructed with a fire-proof material that allows you to get safe access to the stairs in case of a fire.

Sound-proofing and sound insulation mechanisms: The stairs are perfect for large organizations that need complete soundproofing to block out any kind of external noise. They also make for a great investment for media professionals who want to build sound-proof recording studios.

Ready to use: A Milbank pre case concrete stair has the distinct advantage of being ready to use. You do not have to worry about having temporary structures or ladders when a building is being constructed. The stairs are highly durable and you get immediate access to all the floors enabling safe access.

Durable concrete construction: The base of the stairs is prepared with a resilient and solid concrete base. So even if you look at a fancy timber or tiled finish stair available, you do not have to worry about its durability as the inside construction is built out of solid concrete.

Safe systems: The installation systems are completely safe and they can also meet any kind of progressive collapse requirements with the flexible design structure depending on your required configurations.

Other services

Design and technical support: If you require any custom designed staircases you can get in touch for something that you want custom tailored to suit the aesthetics of your house. Many of us often want to get custom stairs and have specific designs in mind, if you have some design ideas for your house you can state your requirements and get a custom stair for your home prepared just for you.

Installation and delivery: You get full installation and delivery support with the stairs with professional staff ranging from site supervisors and operations managers. You do not have to worry about anything as everything from risk assessment to safe and efficient completion will be taken care of.

Milbank fall arrest system: Fall arrest system services are also provided with every purchase of a Milbank precast concrete stair to ensure there are no accidents or injuries during the stair installation or construction of your home. This is to ensure any uncalled for mishaps do not occur during installation and your property is safe from any kind of damage.

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