3 Ways to Make your Bar More Romantic

3 Ways to Make your Bar More Romantic

There’s a fine line between a bar which is romantic and intimate, and one which is too dark or loud to really hold a conversation. Striking the right balance between creating that close atmosphere while still making your bar an accessible and enjoyable place to spend time means focussing on the different elements of your interior design – including lighting, acoustics and sound, and of course the menu and experience you offer to guests.

If you’re looking to make your bar the go-to date night spot in your local area, follow these three tips which cover the importance of bar pendant lights, furniture placement, and theming throughout your setting.

Choose the right lighting

The easiest way to control the atmosphere within any interior setting is with lighting – whether that be by maximising the flow of natural light or adjusting the level of artificial light. Pendant lights offer a means of illuminating your bar while creating a sense of intimacy on each table, by giving each table its own individual pendant light. Whether mounted on the wall or hung directly over each table, this use of pendant lighting in your bar will make each table feel effortlessly private, while filling the bar as a whole with atmospheric mood lighting.

This same approach can be used above the bar itself and along walkways and corridors, using pendant lights to control the flow and level of lighting. Consider darkened glass shades for a moody vibe, or transparent glass bulbs for a brighter and livelier aesthetic.

Reconsider your furniture and layout

Of course, it’s not just the lighting you use which creates the sense of intimacy around each table. If you want your bar to become the new date night go-to then you need to create a layout which feels both private and involved – granting guests the benefit of their own space to talk, without detracting from the bar experience.

Installing booths in your bar is one of the easiest ways to balance privacy and intimacy with the bar setting, with added pendant lights illuminating each both individually. If you’re worried about booths breaking up the flow of your bar space, consider placing indoor plants between each table to create a lowkey barrier and to ignite a sense of privacy, or simply leave larger gaps between each table.

The importance of theming

There is no better way to give your bar a romantic facelift than with a fresh approach to theming – especially if that theme ticks the boxes of love and romance for guests. This could be as all-encompassing as a redesign, or as simple as a few new items on the menu which are advertised as romantic sharing options. However you choose to approach your thematic update, make sure to advertise it locally to guests and encourage them to share their experience with others to help spread the word.

Have you successfully launched your bar as the newest date night hotspot in your area? Let us know how you did it, and what kind of pendant lighting you introduced to the space!

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