Easy Tips For Drilling Wood Screws In Your Home

Easy Tips For Drilling Wood Screws In Your Home

There would be many of you who either love working on DIY projects to enhance the beauty of your lovely home or seriously wish to get engaged with some drill-based repairing task. But drilling wood screws in your home is not that way much easy as it sounds.  

So, here you can find some quick and easy tips for drilling wood screws. To drill like an expert, you need to go with some easy ways mentioned here. These tips not only helps but you will get the most out of your project ensuring safe and secure drilling.

Quality matters

Yes! This is important to use always the best quality wood screws having a high-incline thread and pronounced tip. The shank of the screw is cylindrical or conical.

Ideal to use cordless screwdrivers and drills

If you are going to drill wood screws in your home then make sure that you are going to use either cordless screwdriver as they are considered ideal for screw driving.

Choose perfect woodscrews

The next tip you need to bear in your head is that always go with an ideal woodscrews so that it might not slip during screw driving. Talking about the best ones is “Torx” as it imparts the best grip. Also, “crosshead” screws are good in technical aspects as they are better in comparison of slotted screws.

Set an ideal speed

To achieve the best results, you need to go at the right speed. If you do not wish to have untidy holes then make sure that the speed of the drill machine should not be too low. Set an ideal speed and also do not go with high speed as it can lead towards risk of overheating and later it can have burn marks.

Use clamps to keep the workpiece safe from slipping  

If you don’t want to let your workpiece get disturbed during drilling? And want it to stay in a steady state then use a clamp. It prevents it from slipping while you drill. Moreover, you can also install a scrap panel underneath the workpiece so that your worktop would remain completely safe.

Ensure the thread have a good grip

It would be right to pre-drill a hole which should be 1mm smaller in the workpiece. This can help the thread to have a great grip on the workpiece.

Always go with the wood screws having appropriate length

To join two pieces of wood, it requires good wood screws having an right length and up to code. You need to measure the thickness of the board to make sure what length of the screw would be right to pick for your project. According to the expert, the wood screws must be 1/8-inch less in comparison of the total thickness of the wood.

Soap coated screws for hardwood

Generally, it is quite tough to do hole into hardwood because of its density. But there is a simple trick making this cumbersome task the easiest one. All you need to do is to coat the wood screws using beeswax or soap so that lubrication would be created leading screwing into hardwood faster and smoother both at the same time. Moreover, this way also helps in preventing wood screws from breaking. Do not forget to clean off before having a stain or paint on your Workpiece.

Following these tips will help in making drilling wood screws in your home a bit easier. So, what are you waiting for? Do try them whenever you get indulge with your next DIY project or just some drill based task.

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