Things To Consider Before Buying Compounding Aseptic Isolators

Things To Consider Before Buying Compounding Aseptic Isolators

Right from research labs to pharmacy labs, compounding aseptic isolators can be seen in various fields. Isolators are mainly used as an alternative cabinet to biological safety cabinets. CAI’s are used as a closed containment cabinet and are safe to use in research labs for performing different experiments and researches. There is a long list of benefits that are associated with isolators. These benefits include providing protection to the environment, protection to the laboratory working staff, restricting microorganism to enter the cabinet and many more. Owing to all these benefits, isolators find their wide application in pharmaceutical industries. There can be seen many variables in the design of isolators due to the availability of different manufacturers.

So, here is a complete guide that’ll help you to find the better and high performing isolators for hospitals and pharmacy:

  • Considering the antechamber functions: With some models of isolators, you’ll find that the lock time is directly related to the time which is required to clear the air in the antechamber. This time varies from unit to unit. Thus, you need to check this factor prior to buying.
  • Focus on airflow: This is another important factor that you need to check while buying Always check whether the isolator you’re choosing have unidirectional airflow or not. For various hazardous chemicals and experiments, you need to buy those isolators that can be vented out of the unit. The external venting is an added benefit to the compounding person as it will help in removing the vaporized hazardous elements from the work chamber.
  • Check out for the adjustment features in the isolator: One important point that must be kept in mind while searching for an isolator is the height adjustment attribute. Ability to adjust the height of isolator can be highly beneficial to the person who is operating it. Thus, you can go with those isolators that are specially designed with hydraulic or mechanical lifting features.
  • Consider the in-built waste disposal: This is another important point of the guide that’ll help you in buying high-performing isolators. It is important to look out for that isolator which comes with a waste disposal unit. This’ll help is disposing of the wastes in a secure manner.
  • The research work: Before finalising any isolator, you need to research on the performance and efficiency of the isolators. You can roam around and meet with the different manufacturers to find out the specifications of the modes. This will help you in sorting out the list of isolators.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: The last factor that should also be taken into consideration is cleaning and maintenance. Check out those isolators in which cleaning process is done from top to bottom and back to front.

Compounding aseptic isolators are in huge demand due to their incredible attributes and benefits. These isolators are one of the important devices for pharmacy and hospitals. Thus, it is important to find the best and high performing isolator. With this guide, you’ll get details on the factors that need to be considered while buying isolators.

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