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Things To Consider Before Looking For Functional Foods

Things To Consider Before Looking For Functional Foods

These days’ people are getting aware of functional foods and know how healthy and nutritious it can be. Functional food can overcome all the deficiencies and includes thebest foods for children’s growth. For overall growth and development, paying proper attention to your children’s diet is very important. Also, mothers work super hard to feed nutritious food all the time. So many of them prefer using food supplements like powders or syrups but they are generally not tasty and heavy on pockets.

So functional foods are a much better option because they are super affordable and loved by kids. Picky children love having functional food and will demand you for the same. They are served in convenient formats and are backed by science. It will include all the vital nutrients which all are equally important to combat any kind of deficiency in your children. Also, it assures the parents that their children are having the right diet that they should have happily. This will also avoid many health issues such as weak eyesight, obesity etc. 

The functional food includes food items that are loved by kids such as kids-approved chocolates having all the supportive daily nutrients; kids-approved powders that will help in keeping away the health issues like low immunity, weaker eyes and weight issues and ready to add pre-mix atta. These are some of the examples of functional food. These are pretty much loved and happily eaten by children.

Following are some of the points you should know before having functional food for kids:

  • Read the nutrition fact label- Before choosing or going for functional food, it is very much important to read the nutrition fact label. That will help in getting a better idea about which one to choose among many. The nutrition fact label will include all the number of calories, sugar level, saturated fat etc.
  • Look for the red flag label- You will find flag label mentioning natural, light or organic label which describes the product. Natural means there is no synthetic preservative added, light means less than 50% of fats and calories and Organic means a product developed without using conventional pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Go for the ingredient list- Every ingredient has its own benefits. Looking at what exactly ingredients you need for your kid, it is important to look at the ingredient list. The top listed ingredients are the active ingredient in the whole thing. So depending on that you can choose yours.
  • Do not consider it miracle food- Many people misinterpret functional food with the miracle food. It truly covers the deficiency but to an extent or to a limit. If your child is facing any health issue, you should contact a pediatrician and should go for the right diet. Both will help in eliminating the problem.

So above are some of the points you should know about functional food. ‘Iyurved’ is a known brand and helps in solving the problems of many children by providing functional food easily so that your children can consume it every day.