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Various Popular Italian Red Wine

Various Popular Italian Red Wine

If you are a discerning wine lover then you need to consider not only how full bodied and rich a sumptuous red is, or how fruity and crisp a luscious white can be, but also the region which they come from. You may wish to sample a luxurious Chilean Merlot or a spicy Australian Shiraz, or else opt for a zesty Pinotage from South Africa, or a citrusy Sauvignon Blanc from the French vineyards. However, it is Italian red wines that are steadily increasing in popularity, as they are of a superlative calibre, yet are affordable ant truly divine! Italian red wines cover all bases – they can be deep, ruby coloured delights or light, refreshing accompaniments to dishes such as pan fried chorizo or stuffed peppers. These are Italian red wines that are truly fabulous!

Everyone knows that cheese and Italian red wines go together – they are a match made in heaven! To match a stringy, succulent Mozzarella then why not choose a “Falco Grillaio” Gioia del Colle Primitivo? This is one of the softer, smoother Italian red wines that are available, and it is so well rounded! It can be enjoyed young or stored in your cellar for a few years, and if decanted will be a truly memorable tasting experience! Italian red wines do not get better than this!

If you want Italian red wines that are more full bodied and indulgent then why not opt for a delicious, powerful “Don Antonio” Gioia del Colle Primitivo Reserva? This delectable drink is one of the most highly sought after Italian red wines on the market along with the outstanding Tuaro Refosco, which has a stunning blackcurrant aftertaste and sweet, sweet tannins. Yummy! Cheese-wise, you can pair these two gorgeous Italian red wines is Gorgonzola or a tangy Grana Padano.

As well as sumptuous Italian red wines we also stock the most diverse range of delectable Italian white wines, which are perfect to share with friends over a selection of canapés or grilled calamari. There is a gorgeous Pinot Grigio, a zingy Fiano de Avellino DOCG and an unbeatable, decadent Emilio Primo Vermentino. What more could you ask for?

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