Why Should I Buy A Washer Dryer?

Why Should I Buy A Washer Dryer?

If you live in a small home where there’s only space for one laundry appliance, the obvious option is to go for a washer and tumbler dryer combination unit. Many homes choose to just have a washing machine but they’re losing out and need to find space to air all their clothes. A combined washer-dryer unit gives you all the functionality you need in one small appliance and it fits in easily with your kitchen, without sticking out, being bulky or causing any inconvenience whatsoever.

It would be untrue to say that a washer and dryer repair by TeeVax  is the best choice for everyone but it is a sensible option for many. It would be easy to think a washer dryer is the best option because it saves space, money and time but you do need to keep some of these points in mind.

The main drawback of a washer-dryer is the fact that you can’t wash and dry your clothes simultaneously because you’re using a single unit. Some larger families therefore may need to opt for separate units although the average family can get along fine with a single.

What’s more, if you use your washing facility at full capacity you will need to remove a portion of the load for the drying cycle as it works at a lower capacity. All machines come with a specified drying limit so if you keep your washing loads to this size then you can enjoy a single uninterrupted cycle which is extremely time and energy-efficient.

Overall critics would say washer-dryers are less energy efficient than separate units because they require more technology to process the separate roles. The majority of combined units will be B-rated.

Features to Consider

When buying your washer and dryer there are standard unit features you should keep in mind and decide the size or type you require. The first is the capacity as this determines how much you can fit into the drum and therefore how large a load you can process at a time. The majority of machines will be equipped with a capacity between 5 and 9kg although larger models are available. The second thing to consider is the speed of the spin cycle as this determines how dry your clothes will be when they finish the washing element of the process.

The majority of combined washer-dryer units have many of the same features of separate including time delays and quick wash options.

Cost Effectiveness

Buying a single washer-dyer unit is often a cost-effective option. In almost all circumstances a single unit will be much more affordable than two separate ones. Of course, there are top-end products which may retail at over £1000 and therefore aren’t as affordable as a separate dryer and washing machine but as a rule this type of laundry appliance is considered cost-effective and great value for money.

As you can see these washer dryer machines aren’t for everybody but they do have their benefits and it could be you’re the target customer the producers had in mind.

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