Why Do Employment Companies Require Police Checks In Australia?

Why Do Employment Companies Require Police Checks In Australia?

If you recently applied for a job vacancy, chances are that your employer asked for your police check certificate. Most companies in Australia now require a police check before hiring and there are several reasons for the same. In fact, many employers are also undertaking a police check of their existing employees and offering them a national police certificate.

If you are a candidate, you must know why you need to go through police checks, what your rights are, and how you can prepare for the process.

To help you out, we have put together all the information about the NSW police check that you may need to get started.

What is a National Police Check?

A national police check is an account of an individual’s police history data in Australia. Getting a police check is important for employment, occupation-related registration or licensing, or voluntary work. Recently, the document has become very crucial among prospective employers. This is because it helps to avoid any kind of harm, larceny, or any damage to the organization.

Why Do Employment Companies in Australia Require a Police Check?

Plenty of employers find NSW police check beneficial as it helps to reduce the risk of criminal activities. The check is often a final step that employers take to ensure a sound hiring decision and cover the company from various potential risks. It is not against the law to hire someone with an ex-conviction record, but it is not something that employers are willing to do in all circumstances.

In industries where the employees have to work with children, elderly people, or other vulnerable groups, the importance of police checks increases multifold. Anyone with a history of violence or abuse might put children or elderly people at risk.

Now let us look at some of the most common reasons why companies request a police check.

To Gauge the Candidate’s Competency

A police check is a dependable way of verifying the claims made by the job applicants during the hiring process. Also, in today’s highly competitive times, many candidates exaggerate their qualifications and experiences to land the job.

But with a police check, the employers can be certain of the candidate’s credentials. He can easily find out if the candidate is being honest about everything and is genuinely fit for the position.

To Ensure Workplace Safety

All employers have a great deal of responsibility towards their employees. They need to take every kind of measure to ensure the safety and security of their employees at the workplace. And this responsibility starts with the hiring decisions they make.

For instance, if an employer recruits someone who has a criminal history, he may pose a serious threat to the other people around him. Besides, he may harm the company’s assets and spoil the environment. Thus, it is important for employers to undertake NSW police check to ensure they recruit the right people.

Avoid the Chances of Workplace Theft

It is a known fact that most business thefts are performed by insiders. These people enter the company and then damage it through larceny and data breach.

A police check can help employers to make intelligent and smart hiring decisions and reduce the risk of theft.

All these aspects have made it very important for employment companies today to conduct police checks. With these checks in place, these companies can easily attract the best-qualified workers. Besides, they can safeguard their reputation by developing a safe and secure work environment led by honest and devoted people.

Understanding Your Rights

Apart from trial purposes or for conducting a police inquiry, no one is allowed to check another individual’s police or criminal record without their approval. Thus, an employer cannot seek your NSW police check certificate without your authorized consent.

Also, during a meeting with the Human Rights Commission, if you are asked about your criminal record, you are not obligated by any law to present any information. But if there is a pre-stated requirement in the legislation, you will have to disclose your records.

How to Get a Police Check in Australia?

Obtaining a national police check certificate in Australia is a fairly simple procedure. Earlier, most people would get the certificate by directly visiting the local police station. However, the process was slow and slightly disorganized. Also, it would take over two weeks to get the certificate.

Nowadays, it has become very easy and hassle-free as applicants can get their police check online. There are several government-authorized accredited agencies that help to obtain these certificates in just a couple of hours or days.

All you need to do is submit an online application and enclose the needed information. And your certificate will return via email in a short period.