How Mobile Recycling Is On The Rise

Making money from your old mobile is really catching on. It has been going on for a few years now and a number of companies advertise their services online and on TV. However, in the last year or so, it has really taken off. Even if you only get a few pounds for an out of date model, it is still cash that you wouldn’t otherwise have. It is also a great de-cluttering exercise. Some people have more than one old phone gathering dust and doing nothing in bedroom and kitchen drawers.


Of course, if you are one of those types that like to update as soon as the next model is out, your ‘old’ phone is likely to still be worth some decent money. In fact, it could make a significant contribution to the cost of that brand spanking, new shiny upgrade.

The whole process is particularly user friendly and designed for customer convenience. Enter the details of your phone on the website to get an instant quote. They will send you a postage paid jiffy bag (which is insured), so all you have to do is pop your phone in and post it back. In some cases, they will even come and pick it up. It really is that easy to make money from your old mobile.

You shouldn’t need to add any technical information; all you need to know is the phone make and model, which will probably be on the phone itself. Then check the box to indicate the phone’s condition.

Obviously, any kind of damage etc. will mean that your phone will be worth less. Severely cracked screens and water damage etc. will most likely render the phone worthless. Other less significant damage may certainly mean you get less, but you may still get something. However, you need to be honest as the phone will be checked on arrival and payment will only be issued if the phone is in the condition stated. There is usually an option for how you get paid. Bank transfer or cheques are the most common.


You will get more for a fully functional phone than for one with an undiagnosed fault. If the phone has been in the drawer for a while and won’t charge up, it is likely to be the battery at fault. It may be worth your while replacing this yourself, as it could mean the difference between getting 100% of the phone’s worth and 10%-50% for what is classed as a non-functioning item.

Before sending your phone, remove the sim and memory card, as those are not needed. Restoring the phone to factory settings will ensure that all personal information is removed. There is usually an option to do this in the phone’s settings menu.

Any type of recycling is great for the environment and we are all pretty used to that idea by now. Recycling your phone and other electronics is no exception. Many of these companies recycle all manner of things including CDs, DVDs and even clothes. This is good for the environment and great for your bank balance.

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