UK Leading the Way for Mobile Phone Recycling

The UK has brought us lots of inventions, the television, steam engine and the internet notably. Britain now leads the way in mobile phone recycling too. Thanks to the advent of various large companies that specialise in recycling mobiles, phone recycling is now a mainstream way to dispose of old phones. Not only a mainstream way, but a very sensible way too.

Firstly, there’s the environmental perspective. Whilst mobile phones are great when they’re working, when they’re disposed off their effect is not so positive. Mobiles are full of all sorts of materials that can potentially harm the environment, plastic and metals like gold, silver and nickel notably.

Yes there really are small traces of gold and silver inside a mobile phone. This is one of the reasons why phone recycling companies are so keen to recycle your phones, because even a broken phone has some value, in regards to its internal components.

Working phones are even more valuable of course. A phone that can be refurbished can be sold in foreign markets, i.e. emerging markets. Mobile phone technology is redefining life, not just in the UK but all around the world. African farmers use them to predict weather conditions, citizens in the Middle East might use phones to plan an uprising – your old phone could become something profoundly useful

Next time you want to sell a Blackberry phone that you don’t need any-more, consider the very British practise of phone recycling.