Do Schools really Need Lockers?

The tradition of having lockers in a school is very much an American one, and as with many things American, the trend has caught on more and more in this country. But does a child really need a locker to store their belongings in, or is the simple school bag still plenty?

Well, whilst even just a few years ago, such additions would have been fairly unnecessary for many educational establishments, there is likely to be more need than ever for children to have somewhere to store their belongings. Not only is it handy for them to have somewhere to store the books they aren’t using and in turn reduce the back problems that can be caused by carrying around heavy bags all day, but with so many children now taking expensive phones and mp3 players to and from school, it will be very important to give them a place to keep these safe.

Whilst the most expensive item a child might have once taken to school was their pencil case, today the majority of students will be in possession of very expensive pieces of technology and therefore lockers for schools will not only ensure that these are safer and less likely to be stolen, but will also help to ensure that far fewer students use such items in the classroom. Without a place to store phones and iPods, the temptation to use these items in class could be great, so not only could a locker reduce the need for them to carry heavy bags and help them to keep their items safe, but it may also help them to concentrate and in turn to learn too.