Why Are British Nannies So Popular?

No matter where you look in the world, British Nannies are extremely popular. On the surface it may seem strange that any individual would rather choose a British person over a potential candidate from any other country, but the reasons for this are numerous.

However, the biggest draw of hiring British people to fill international Nanny jobs is their ability to speak English. With English being so widely spoken as a second language, especially in the business world, those looking for a Nanny will be very keen to choose one who can help their child to learn the English language. This means that Nanny salaries can be extremely high for British individuals and means that not only will it be very easy to find a job abroad in such a field, but that you are likely to be able to use such a job to save great deal of money whilst exploring a new country at the very same time.

For those looking for such jobs abroad, it can be beneficial to get a qualification in teaching English as a foreign language. By getting such a qualification you are likely to be even more appealing to families and are therefore likely to be able to choose the family which you think is right for you, having the pick of all the best possible options.

In many countries Britain is seen as a very appealing country, due to the archaic monarchy and its history of ‘polite society.’ This lure of the quaint and the ability to speak English is what makes British Nannies so appealing to those abroad.