Is it time to employ the services of mystery shopping companies?

What happens when a customer has a bad experience? Do they keep it to themselves and seethe silently? The bad news is generally no. Customers are far more likely to tell friends and family about a poor experience than a good one. The knock on effect can be devastating and this kind of shared feedback helps to destroy the reputation of any kind of business. Good service matters. It’s at the heart of what any business is all about. The customer is king and staff have to pull out all the stops to make sure they have a good experience.

Any business needs to make spot checks from time to time. It’s no good guessing or assuming what kind of experience customers are getting. Senior management need to know exactly what is going on and if there’s something wrong, it needs to be fixed and fast.

Mystery shopping is a tried and tested tactic to analyse and assess just what is happening at ground level. Professionals go in posing as customers and report back on their findings. It’s an enlightening exercise. It gets to the heart of any operation and reveals just how well or poorly customers are treated. Armed with information and feedback from mystery shopping companies, businesses can take the necessary steps to put things right and fix any problems.

Any kind of service operation ignores its customers at its peril. They are the lifeblood of any business. It’s vitally important to check and improve service levels to ensure a great customer experience.