Manchester: business capital of the North West

Manchester is definitely the economic powerhouse of the North West of England. It has reinvented itself successfully since the early 1980s and even setbacks like the IRA bombing of the 1990s have been turned into advantages by intelligent local-government policymaking. The city has a really impressive confidence about it which makes it an ideal place in which to start an enterprise.

Exploit Manchester’s strengths

If you choose office space in the city then you can get substantial advantages from its remarkable infrastructure. Manchester has an enviable transport system, including a busy international airport. In addition, it has a broader economic base than some other cities in northern England. This has allowed its centre to prosper more than most rival city centres.

Office space in Manchester can give a new firm access to a large workforce, many of whom are graduates. The universities of the city are well regarded and have large numbers of students. In fact, its student population is among the largest in Western Europe. Manchester students add to the vibrancy of the local culture and are likely to be good future employees for Manchester businesses.

Manchester’s Chamber of Commerce is the largest in Britain. With more than 5,000 members, it is a great source of useful information. It hopes to sustain an influence on policymaking at various levels of government. This role is one of the reasons why Manchester remains an excellent business environment. Its large policy unit does plenty of important research to ensure members benefit from having the right kind of data.