The value of being in an iconic location

It is tricky to put an exact figure to the value of being positioned in an iconic location. However, having office space in an iconic spot does do wonders for the image of a company. When it comes to identifying the kind of inspiring site which can be classed as iconic, Canary Wharf is one of the best examples in the British context. Canary Wharf has achieved international recognition as a regeneration project and currently developers in New York are seeking to emulate that success.

Why are people so impressed by Canary Wharf?

Businesspeople are impressed by Canary Wharf for a wide range of reasons. This makes office space in Canary Wharf very popular. Firstly, the buildings are iconic. Secondly, Canary Wharf is strongly associated with success and ambition. Thirdly, it is hard for anybody not to be amazed at the way disused docks have been changed into a large office, retail and leisure complex.

Strengths you might not have thought of

The Canary Wharf Group has been very clever in that it has been successful in areas which some people might not have anticipated. By making a considerable effort, the Group has got recognition from the Sunday Times for its ecological awareness. It has also done well by promoting art. Its activity in this field has won a prestigious award from Christie’s.

Being in an iconic location helps a firm show that it is different from many of its rivals. It demonstrates that a company is serious about going places. It is also a great move in terms of networking opportunities.