Tips for Effective Calendar Distribution

Tips for Effective Calendar Distribution

Promotional calendars work great because they offer something of value whilst being extremely visual. The effectiveness of your corporate calendars depends on a couple of factors, of course, the design of the calendar matters but so does the way in which you distribute printable calendars. When it comes to distributing your printable calendar, there are a few things you can do to ensure that it is effective. First, consider who your audience is and what their needs are. Then, determine the best way to distribute the calendar so that it reaches them.  Here are some tips:

Think about delivery costs first of all. Some calendars might be small enough to qualify for large letter size postage, if you’re posting in bulk this could save you serious amounts of money. You can save postage completely if you think creatively about how you distribute calendars, for instance you might send them out with other products or even hand them out personally.

Who you send them to matters of course. It’s no good arbitrarily sending out calendars, as your aim should be to generate business and promote your brand.  Target people who have expressed interest in your brand, as these are more likely, obviously, to be converted into real customers.

The thing about calendars is that they can continue to promote your brand when they are being used. If you hand calendars out to the public or semi-public spaces, such as dentist offices or libraries or other businesses, then your calendar can become a very effective, targeted kind of advertising. Other businesses are more likely to display your calendars because they serve a purpose, simple.

Distributing and printing calendars is easier than it’s ever been, look online for more information.