Ways that Your Business can Demonstrate Green Awareness

Being more green aware is good for business in all sorts of ways: it will ensure that your business is more efficient, save you money as a result, and also demonstrate to your clients, customers, partners and competitors that you are committed to green issues, and therefore an ethical company.

Many companies think that green strategies need to be difficult, requiring a large outlay that is only returned after many years. Admittedly some green stratagems are like this, but certainly not all of them. There are plenty of simple things you can do to demonstrate that your company is green aware.

How do you send corporate favours, thank yous and season’s greetings? If you use paper cards then this might convey the wrong message to your customers. Instead, you might think of going digital, choosing electronic business holiday cards and corporate e cards.

An e card is just like a traditional card, with one major difference: it’s digital and therefore not-wasteful. They are also much cheaper, and can easily be customised.

You should also ensure that you have a recycling infrastructure in place. You should definitely recycle waste paper. You should also encourage the environmentally
friendly activities of your personnel, providing bike sheds and even cash rewards for green schemes.

You should never do anything purely for the PR, and you should wish to help the environment in whatever way you can, even if this is in a simple way, like sending e cards rather than paper cards.