Flattering Cuts And Leather Jacket Types

Leather jackets have a timeless style and quality that is always apparent. Unlike other coats and jackets, leather ones seem to be an investment that will last years rather than a season. Womens leather jackets come in a multitude of different styles, but ensuring that a jacket remains a worthwhile investment can take some research. Ill-fitting jackets can be some of the most unflattering, particularly for those buyers who were hoping for something more form-fitting. Taking accurate measurements of bust, waist, shoulders, arms and hips can all reveal how well a jacket will fit. Of course, being able to talk to the leather jacket manufacturer is the best way to ensure that the jacket will fit well and won’t be too short or long. For those who are looking for larger waist sizes, leather blazers of the three button variety are some of the most flattering available.

For those who are looking for a tighter, more compact and defined look, then a biker jacket is often the way to go. These short jackets are designed to be tough and aerodynamic. While buyers may never wear it on a motorbike, these styles lend themselves to excellently to a multitude of different occasions and will go well with a variety of outfits. Longer varieties of leather coats may not be as form fitting, but they are typically constructed for comfort and warmth giving the wearer room for thick clothing beneath. From trench coats to parka varieties, these stylish options are best worn during autumn and winter.