For Immigration Advice On The New UK Immigration Rules Seek Professional Guidance From Specialist Immigration Solicitors

New UK immigration rules came into effect on 9th July 2012 that will affect non-European Economic Area nationals applying to enter into the UK or applying to remain in the UK under the family migration route. These changes come after a review by the Migration Advisory Committee. For professional immigration advice on these or any other changes it is important to contact immigration solicitors who specialise in immigration law.

The changes introduced will define the basis on which a person can enter or remain in the UK on their family or private life. If you are a non-EEA national applying to enter or remain in the UK through the family migration route as a spouse or partner of a settled person in the UK these changes will affect you and the migration procedure you follow.

The new UK immigration rules regarding the settlement of non-EEA nationals under the family migration route include requiring all applicants to pass the Life in the UK test and pass an English language speaking and listening qualification. The changes also mean that any adult or elderly relative applying to settle in the UK must demonstrate that due to illness, disability or as a result of old age they require long-term care that can only be provided by a relative in the UK.

As part of the Government’s review of the family migration route new measures have been introduced to try and test the genuineness of relationships before a spouse or partner is granted settlement in the UK. These new measure include a new minimum income threshold, extending the minimum probationary period from two to five years.