Holiday First Aid Matters

When you go on holiday there are various implications for your health. If you’re travelling to an exotic destination then you might require one or numerous vaccinations. You should also take out health insurance, and if travelling in Europe apply for the NHS European Health Card, which will allow you access to free medical treatment.

The accessibility of health care abroad varies depending on where you are travelling. Many health issues can be self-treated, for instance minor cuts can be treated with bandages and antiseptic. With this in mind, you might want to take first aid supplies along with you, for that extra peace of mind.

When you are on holiday you are more likely to injure yourself or experience other health issues, such as food poisoning.  There are various reasons for this, you might drink more alcohol, you may engage in more activities, some of them inherently dangerous, and you might not have a physiology adapted to the foreign environment, i.e. the native population might have a natural resistance to various indigenous diseases which you lack.

Prevention is better than cure of course, and you should be extra aware about potential health issues when you’re on holiday. For instance, you should monitor your alcohol intake and check to see that food you’re eating has been properly cooked. One aspect of your preparation might be to pack a modest first aid kit, which could come in handy if you experience a minor health emergency.