How Does High Visibility Clothing Improve Safety?

When you think of safety and first aid equipment you possibly think of the items typically found in a first aid box, bandages, compresses, ice packs etc. However, ensuring the safety and health of personnel reaches far beyond the first aid box, and all sorts of equipment is implicated in workplace health and safety, not least high visibility clothing.

High visibility gear is often worn by personnel who are working on the roads. Obviously, it is important that workers who are working in proximity to road traffic need to be extremely visible, i.e.  can be seen by pedestrians and motorists. Where there are blind spots, personnel can be exposed to danger. It’s the same logic behind cyclists who wear brightly coloured, high-vis clothes so that they are visible in amongst road traffic.

High vis clothing can also be important on construction sites. Construction sites are notoriously dangerous, and often dangers result when people are unaware of where others are on site. For example, a worker might accidently drop equipment onto their colleague, causing serious injury, simply because they didn’t see their colleague was there.

High vis clothing is especially useful where there is low light. So workers who are working at night can greatly benefit from high visibility gear, these could be workers on overnight construction projects, airport workers etc.

High vis clothing works simply, it makes people more visible in situations where visibility is important. Although simple, this can greatly enhance the safety of a wide range of professionals.