How to Choose Spill Kits

If your fuel is being stored in a bunded oil tank then it will be well protected from spillages occurring. This is because of the way bunded tanks are constructed, i.e. an inner fuel tank is surrounded by a secondary tank so that when the inner tank is breached fuel leaks into the outer tank preventing leakage. The law requires that when you are storing fuel above 200 litres, it needs to be stored in a bunded tank.

Whilst bunded tanks are extremely effective at preventing spills, spillages still occur. The best way to treat spillages when they do occur is to use spill kits. Here are some tips for choosing the right spill kit.

General kits are used for treating a wide range of different spillages. Unlike oil specific spill kits they can be used to treat spillages relating to a range of liquid substances.

Oil spill kits are obviously specifically designed to treat oil spillages. Oil spill kits can actually repel water, and so can be used to treat spillages that have occurred in rivers, for example.

Some spill kits are used to treat chemical spills, and these spillages can be potentially harmful. As such they are best used with protective equipment, e.g. gloves and goggles, which are usually provided as part of the kit. Chemical spill kits are particularly absorbent, to cope with the aggressive nature of many chemical spillages.