Assessing the Benefits of Bunded Oil Tanks

What is a bunded fuel tank? We can define bunded oil tanks as tanks that are constructed with a secondary tank, which surrounds an inner fuel tank. They can be used either for commercial or domestic storage of fuel, and are generally considered to be extremely safe.

They are considered to be safe because of the nature of their construction. If the inner storage container is breached, fuel leaks into the secondary tank thereby preventing spillage. Whilst spillages can be effectively treated with spillage kits, prevention is always better than cure.

This also means that no fuel is wasted. Whilst your main aim in terms of fuel storage should be preventing leakage, which can harm the environment in profound ways, your secondary aim might be to maintain fuel supplies so that no money is wasted. Your investment in fuel might be sizeable, and so the use of bunded tanks can help to protect this investment.

A bunded tank is also better protected against vandalism. Vandalism is a real problem, especially where fuel is stored in outside locations, where it might be easily accessible to criminals. Because fuel is protected by a secondary tank, it is more resistant to vandalism and other criminal intent.

Oil storage regulations say that any fuel exceeding 200 litres needs to be stored in a bunded tank, and this is because of the many advantages offered by bunded tanks as outlined above.