Traditional Mail is not Anachronistic

Many people nowadays believe that sending letters through the post is a somewhat anachronistic affair. After all, why would somebody want to send a letter that takes days to arrive when they can send an immediate and direct mail of the electronic variety online?

Well, email is not quite the all-encompassing communication solution that many believe it to be.

Indeed, one of the key disadvantages of email (from a business point of view) is that a lot of it gets deleted without it even being read. The main reason for this is that recipients either assume that they have no interest in promotional messages or are wary about receiving mail from unfamiliar sources.

Oddly, the opposite is true when it comes to physical mail. Indeed, people always open the envelopes they receive through the post – simply because they want to know who they are from.

Another misgiving which many people have about traditional mail is the cost. Whilst it is indeed true that sending post via the Royal Mail is quite expensive, using mail fulfilment services can help senders (especially businesses) to reduce their costs significantly.

Moreover, some high-quality mail fulfilment providers also offer hybrid mail solutions which allow customers to send their physical mail via the Internet. This can provide senders with the best of both worlds as it can not only save them money and increase the effectiveness of their mailed items; it can also help them to streamline their mailing responsibilities and reduce their overheads.