How to Spot a Fake Designer Handbag

If you’ve set your heart on a designer handbag, the last thing you want to realise is that you have ended up with something that isn’t the genuine article.

Luckily, there are various ways of telling whether what you’ve bought is real or knock-off, and knowing the difference between the two will help you to make an informed choice about your purchase.

Of course, for a start you need to check the logo, charms, attachments and so on, and where they are positioned, as these are an important part of the bag’s design. Look at where they are positioned on the bag as well.
And take your time – fake bags are increasingly hard to tell apart from the real thing.

A fake bag will try and pass itself off as the real thing. This is not the same as a legal imitation, which is “designer inspired” without being an exact copy. It doesn’t claim to be a designer bag, though may look similar in terms of colour, style and so on.

To spot a fake, look for colour variations, shoddy stitching, poor quality materials and lining, and check whether there is a serial number.

You should also be realistic as far as price is concerned, and ask the seller directly if you are being sold a real or imitation designer bag.

Whether you’re after full-sized handbag or the tiniest evening clutches, go to a reputable seller online and this problem won’t arise. You’ll be sold a genuine designer bag you love at a price you can afford.