The Different Types of Handbag

The Different Types of Handbag

How would you like a different bag for every occasion? A clutch bags for your cousin’s wedding, a tote bag for the office and a satchel for a day of shopping! Get to know which handbag is suited to your needs:

Clutch Bag

When you need a small and easy to carry handbag, try a strapless clutch. These oversized purses are meant to be ‘clutched’ meaning you can just grab them with one hand and head out for the night. Available in many different forms, from vintage influenced white envelope purses to modern stud embellished designs; there’s something for every taste. Clutch bags aren’t for those who are a little scatty however, leaving these at the bar can occur all too easily. Clutch bags are ideal for use at special occasions like Weddings, Christenings and Christmas Parties.


There’s something sophisticated and expensive looking about a satchel handbag, even if it is from the high street. A relatively new trend, there’s plenty of different styles to choose from; opt for classic neutral leathers, a funky bright coloured suede number or an animal print option. Satchel’s are brilliant for everyday use when you need to use both hands, sling them across the body and forget about them.

Tote Bag

Taking an overnight trip? Need a bag big enough to pop your shopping in? You’ll want to invest in a stylish tote bag. These usually rectangular bags can be as simple or as complex as you’d like; available with pockets or without, with a shoulder strap or without. Totes are meant to be extremely practical, though Totes that match the trends will also be found on the high-street; how about a tote with fringing or in animal print?

Shoulder Bag

When you think of a traditional handbag, you’re probably picturing a shoulder bag. Shoulder bags are usually more spherical or in the form of a doctors bag or bowler bag. These handbags have a short handle that can be slung over the shoulder or held on the arm. Your choice of shoulder bag depends on the contents of your handbag, if you’re one of those women who has to have everything with her at all times, you’ll want a hefty shoulder bag to suit. Shoulder bags are brilliant for everyday use.


Forget the dull blue backpacks that used to hold your school books, there are some wonderful patterned ladies backpack designs currently on the high-street; from feminine florals to bold Aztec inspired prints. You don’t need to wear a backpack like a tourist, sling over just one shoulder for an effortlessly chic look.

Across Body Bags

If you want a small bag that you can pop across your body and that won’t get in your way. Choose a petite across the body bag, ideal for a night out where you don’t want to worry about your handbag. Across the body bags feature long straps that allow for you to wear it on the hip with the strap going diagonally across your torso.