Leeds promoted by Regional Growth Fund

In August 2012, Leeds received £500,000 from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund. This money will be spent on marketing the city to tourists and businesses. However, Leeds has gained more than resources, here. Simply attracting the money has shown the city in a very positive light, reminding everyone of its remarkable potential.

The role of VisitEngland

VisitEngland will spend some of the investment on building Leeds up as a place in which to hold prestigious events and conferences. Enterprises in the event management sector will therefore thrive if they can locate office space in the city. It is hoped that more international conferences will be held in Leeds in the future. When it comes to hotel accommodation, Leeds has a large number of beds.

The existing attractions of Leeds

Even before the Regional Growth Fund stepped in this year, office space in Leeds was very desirable. Leeds has a broad economic base and this diversity has given it a strong pull on ambitious organisations. It is also a very liveable city which makes residents very loyal to it. This makes employee attraction and retention easier than it is in some other cities in the North of England.

Resilience and willingness to innovate

Leeds has historically benefited from the possession of certain qualities. Many of its innovative businesses have prospered because of their persistence. Ambitious start-ups can do very well if they emulate the attitudes common in Leeds. The city has some fresh developments to look forward to and these are about to generate even more progress.