Manchester: a top business location

Companies who are looking to relocate are likely do well if they take a close look at what Manchester has to offer. The city has come a long way since it was an industrial giant in the 19th Century. Nevertheless, in a post-industrial age, Manchester has retained a lot of the pioneering spirit which once made it a place of revolutionary progress. Those looking for offices to rent can benefit a great deal from being in the regional capital of the North West of England.

An international city

Since the 1980s, Manchester has pushed hard to become a competitive international city. Organisations searching for offices to rent in Manchester can gain advantages from the fact that the city has done well in league tables of European urban competitiveness. They can get more business by being next to Manchester’s busy award-winning airport. Some enterprises may prosper as a result of Manchester being a significant tourist destination.

Strength in a range of sectors

Some cities have not got a broad enough economic base. This leaves them vulnerable in times of recession. It also makes it hard for businesses in sectors which are poorly represented to network effectively. Manchester has a wide range of successful firms so there is no problem in this regard.

A great place for hiring

The local student population is large. Graduates from Manchester’s excellent universities often make good employees. The talent pool is a major draw for companies of different sizes, whether they are looking for engineers or personnel for the creative industries.