Tech firms in search of London office space

London is one of the world’s major business centres and so it is no surprise that so many companies want to have offices in the city. One of the sectors that is seeing particularly strong growth in the capital at present is technology.

Indeed, it seems as though demand among enterprises like this for offices to rent in London will continue to rise over coming years.

Tech giant Google is one of the firms keen to make the most of this trading hub. It has emerged that the organisation is attempting to secure a deal to build a new UK headquarters in the north of the city.

If the plan goes ahead, it will be worth in excess of £550 million and the premises will be located at King’s Cross. Google is hoping to buy a 700,000-square-foot site on a 999-year lease and the company is eager for the deal to be signed before November 22nd of this year. Commentators have noted that the move would be one of the largest ever occupational and investment agreements in the UK.

Google already has a number of offices in London, but its global headquarters are based in California.

Thankfully for enterprises that wish to secure office space in London, there are now plenty of options open to them and as long as bosses are careful, they should succeed in selecting premises that meet all of their needs and that fall within their budgets. They can also take advantage of flexible lease terms.