The Practicalities of Complying with The Bribery Act

It is fair to say that business organisations of all sizes are at risk of suffering from bribery in one form or another. The British Standards Institute (BSI) to their credit is endeavouring to mitigate these risks by insisting employees sign recognised compliance declarations to The Bribery Act.

Compliance concerns
However, whilst such initiatives are to be welcomed, it is anticipated that some business organisations in the UK will find it easier than others to communicate, audit and asses the knowledge needed to ensure total compliance regarding The Act. This is because not all companies will have the same resources (or requirements) available when it comes to implementing it.

Certainly, achieving compliance with The Bribery Act will be especially challenging for medium and large organisations that have very large workforces and partners located all around the world. After all, it could well be that the corporate intranets, emails and manual systems that are integral to medium and large business organisations will simply not be able to handle all of the extra demands which compliance will require.

Document management systems
With this in mind, medium and large companies may well find a software-based document management system to be the best way of complying with The Bribery Act, as these solutions can automate and report many of the required processes. Moreover, other non-BSI Standard approved programs could also benefit from the use of a software based solution, so it is certainly something that conscientious business organisations should look into.